Who We Are?

A Journey Together

Join us through your journey hours of a unique learning experience with dedicated faculty/staff professionals mentoring you and guiding you through the fire service, emergency medical services, health careers, and training.

Our Story

It takes a lot of dedication and practice to perfect yourself to become a highly qualified individual. We know how difficult the journey can be, and you are not alone. We have gone through many of the frustrating experiences you have faced. Let us be the company to help guide you through each process. 

Meet the Team


Fire Consultant Corporation (FCC) is comprised of several career veteran firefighter/paramedic, educators, and consultants over past decade. These members are  leaders and innovators for fire science and emergency medical services. FFC offers over 20+ years of professional experience. FFC team has worked as a licensed Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Paramedic and licensed Emergency Medical Services Lead Instructor. FCC has numerous technical Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Technician certifications in (Hazardous Materials Technician B, Machinery/Vehicle Extrication Technician, Trench Rescue Technician). FCC has (OSFM) Operation level certifications in Vertical/Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Structural Collapse. FCC is (OSFM) provisional Fire Officer certification, advanced firefighter certification, fire apparatus engineering certification, and fire service vehicle operator.  FCC is certified in (OSFM) Instructor I, and Instructor II.  FCC is a current educator in American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support Instructor & Train the Trainer, as well a Advance Life Support Instructor, and Pediatric Life Support Instructor.


Kathryn Moro

Executive Assistant

Health Careers and Wellness Editor

 B.S. in Health & Human Sciences, EMT


Amani Atallah

Emergency Management Editor


B.S. in Emergency Management

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