Understanding The Job – Fire Service

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Do you have what it takes? Can you handle the heat? Can you carry all the equipment down a smoky hallway with 300 or even 1100 degrees Fahrenheit heat? Are you ready to climb that ladder vertically 100+ feet up high in the air? Carry a victim on your back or through a window? Extricate the victims in a pin-in accident? Hang by wires on a rope carrying a patient in a basket? Crawl through a tunnel or confined space or trench? Triage multiple gun shot victims or mass casualty disaster? Put on that hazardous materials level A suit? Start a IV while riding in the back of ambulance or perform CPR on the way to the hospital?

Knowing what it takes to become a firefighter is very important part of the process. This presentation brings in all the stories of what the men and women face every day in the front lines as a firefighter.

Presentation is operated currently through Zoom Meetings. Students will be provided a meeting code after payment and registration.

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