Dressing for an Interview

“Dress for Success”

What is the appropriate way to dress for an interview, especially in the medical field? How do you appropriately present yourself when interviewing for school, jobs, etc.?

Below are some do’s and dont’s of dressing for interviews.


  • Hair clean and styled
  • Simple makeup – natural look
  • Facial hair trimmed and professional looking
  • Neutral clothing colors (white, navy, black)
  • Simple color/neutral patterned ties
  • Conservative clothing
  • Knee length skirts for women with nude stocking
  • Proper dress shoes
  • Neutral nail polish/clean nails
  • Mild or no perfume/cologne


  • Crazy hair or “bed head”
  • Big/distracting jewelry
  • Too much skin showing
  • Distracting colors/patterns
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Rolled up pants/missing socks
  • Not professional looking (graphic tees, shorts, etc.)

What is the difference between business professional and business casual?





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