Passing the NREMT

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educators and students alike to adapt to unique learning platforms and methods. For many EMT and Paramedic students, the pandemic not only impacted their didactic experience, but their clinical and internship experience suffered as well. First off, breathe. It will be okay. There are tons of resources out there, including […]

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STAR Method

If you’ve ever had a structured interview, you are likely familiar with the STAR method of interviewing. Most agencies are utilizing the structured interview method because it gives them a glimpse of how the candidate has reacted to certain situations in the past. Based on their responses, they can determine if the candidate would be

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Navigating the NREMT website

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is a certification organization that provides EMTs and Paramedics the opportunity to prove they meet national standards. Having this certification facilitates getting licensed with any State organization. However, this does not grant automatic permission to work. It is not a licensing agency. It simply lets any State EMS

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