Who doesn’t love a good podcast?

If you are like me, getting engrossed in a good podcast makes you feel so much more enlightened and aware. Not to mention, you can nonchalantly drop some knowledge in a conversation among coworkers and sound really, really smart. But jokes aside, listening to an educational or anecdotal podcast can be  beneficial for enhancing your perspective, while increasing your knowledge base. Some of them discuss the latest medical research and post about real conversations physicians and EMS professionals are having to elevate the current scope of practice. Other podcasts are just exceptional raw dialogue between real people in the field and their experiences. It is hard not to listen to a podcast and at least once or twice go, “whoa.” Maybe that’s just me. Either way, I’ve listed several podcasts below that I’ve personally heard about from colleagues or from an internet search for relevant and interesting podcasts. And of course, you need to check out Chicago’s Bravest Stories Podcast. Their interviews and content is why this podcast is near and dear to Fire Consultant Corporation.

  1. Chicago’s Bravest Stories Podcast
  2. Mind Body Medic
  3. Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast- the NAEMSP Podcast
  4. EMCrit Podcast- Critical Care and Resuscitation
  5. Medic Mindset
  6. Medic2Medic Podcast
  7. The EMS Lighthouse Project

To access these podcasts, some require you to download a podcast player. You can also listen to some podcasts on YouTube or directly from their individual website. Figure out how to listen to them and get listening!

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Image retrieved from: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/chicagos-bravest-stories-podcast/id1465175602

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